Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

We offer legal advice on all stages of a company’s life cycle, starting from the choice of appropriate legal form of establishment, day to day ongoing advice and advice related to the merger, division or winding-up of the company.

We have provided legal advice to the asset management company of environmental investment funds in setting the relations between the shareholders within their projects and participating in projects related to the processing of textile waste and an innovative project for the treatment of biological waste. Our client has applied our counselling in the acquisition of a part of the enterprise engaged in wholesale and retail of electrical installation materials.

We will help you to:

  • establish companies, including assisting with obtaining a trade or other business licence and registration in a Commercial Register or other special register;
  • draft corporate constitutional documents (partnership agreements, deeds of incorporation, memorandum of association, articles of association);
  • draft shareholder agreements;
  • determine obligations and liabilities of members of executive bodies and other company officers;
  • hold general meetings or meetings of other company bodies;
  • in registration of changes to details registered in the Commercial Register (change of executive bodies, change of registered address, transfer of ownership interests, etc.);
  • increase and decrease of companies’ registered capital;
  • reorganise a company, change a corporate form, undertake mergers, amalgamations and divisions, carve-outs to newly founded companies;
  • wind-up and dissolute a company;
  • undertake a legal due diligence;
  • give relevant notice of merger and will represent you in merger clearance proceedings before the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic.

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