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About us

We are a team of lawyers with global experience, passionate people, bold ideas and tactical legal solutions.

We do law fairly, professionally, with clearly defined values. We believe in intuition, and on its basis also, we have successfully built a Slovak law firm where clients feel like at home.

We are not afraid to stand up for your rights, support you in difficult situations and represent against strong opponents. And at the same time be human, understandable and open.

We are Law Firm SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS and Ye stand by You.


Our team

Our lawyers have earned their degrees from top foreign universities, such as University of Cambridge and got experience while working in leading international and Slovak law firms. All qualified lawyers are members of Slovak Bar Association.

Our services

How do we work?

  • Experience

    Our experience allows us to offer high professionalism and expertise in the entire team. We achieve a high standard of service thanks to them. We are prudent, not aggressive sharks. We will carefully consider two steps forward for your benefit. Years of experience allow us to anticipate, introduce innovative processes and inventive views on cases and their possible solutions. However, if it is necessary, we can bravely stand up for you.
  • Trust

    Trust is built primarily through humanity. We understand the situations in which you found yourself. Trust is built by fairness - we outline a transparent price and at the same time explain to you what it entails from our side. We will show you all solution options, straight and without loops, and then provide the assurance that we will do everything in our power. We maintain discretion and modern security standards.
  • Courage

    For an experienced sailor, it doesn't matter how strong the waves and wind are. The most capable knows that he must also use his courage to be able to use them to his advantage. Courage also carries guts, dexterity and self-confidence. However, it must be based on skills and experience and not on unnecessary risk or a big ego.
  • Prevention

    We consider two steps in advance. Our experience allows us to offer solutions that protect you before a problem arises. Thinking ahead is always a more effective and safer solution. However, we are also ready for intervention. We will stand up for you and do everything we can for your benefit.

What do clients say about us?

Our bank has been cooperating with Jozef for a long time in the area of ​​preparing comprehensive loan documentation. Personally, I experienced Jozef and his team on several project real estate financing, whether it was a refinancing of existing real estate or a new development. I appreciate the current cooperation with the Semančín & Partners office, I appreciate their professionalism, time flexibility, ability to prepare balanced legal documentation for all parties involved and the personal in...
Jozef Futrikanič, Československá obchodná banka, a.s.

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