ENVIROFFENCES 2021: Administrative procedure before the SEI, control, fines.

Lucia Semančínová5/27/2021

At the ENVIROFFENCES 2021 webinar, which took place on 28 April 2021, our colleague Lucia Semančínová shared her experience with the application of currently valid waste management legislation in practice, with an overlap on the criminal and financial liability of entities. In her contribution, she presented not only the current state of legal regulations, but also the current case law and decision-making practice of our administrative bodies in the field of the environment and advised participants on how to proceed with the inspection of the SEI and subsequent administrative proceedings.

The web portal ODPADY-PORTAL.SK brought a summary of her contribution, which you can read here.

You will find out in the article

  • what controllers can and cannot do,
  • what rights the inspected entity has,
  • what is considered an offense and another administrative offense in the field of waste management,
  • for which you can get a fine,
  • how to defend against illegal control or disproportionate fines,
  • how the fine proceedings will be conducted,
  • or whether and how to bring an action before a court.