Mgr. Petronela Rybová

Mgr. Petronela Rybová

Mgr. Petronela Rybová

Junior lawyer

+421 2 32 609
I am looking for an innovative solution to every legal problem, I will be happy to find it for you as well.


During her studies, she worked as a legal assistant in an international law firm, and later dealt with public procurement issues at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. She gained valuable experience in the field of private international law during an internship at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Petronela has many years of experience with the law of tourism, within which it provides advice not only to its providers with the setting up of their business activities, but also to consumers in the protection of their rights.

In the area of family law, Petronela focuses mainly on specific cases of the adjustment of the relations of parents to their minor children, divorce and related property settlements. Petronela has experience with entrusting a child from substitute personal care back to the parent's personal care and divorces with elements of violence.

Petronela also deals with labor disputes arising from interference with the right to non-discrimination and abuse of rights. For example, she helped the client in the case of bossing and related termination of employment.

Petronela prepares statements in administrative proceedings before issuing a decision and prepares appeals. In the proceedings before the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, she helped the client to achieve the imposition of a fine at the lower limit of the statutory rate.

In the area of commercial law, Petronela works on legal analyses and drafting corporate and contractual documentation.




In a personal and sensitive family matter, a person needs the best possible support, and I received this and even more from Semančin & Partners. They were with me throughout the whole process, were available at all times, and had excellent knowledge of how to achieve the best results for me and my family.
Ignacio Sbampato, Argentína.

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